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@ 1/2 the Price

Book any Facial Fillers during the month of August and receive 50% off additional purchases

Located at 2090 Dunwoody Club Dr Sandy Springs, GA 30350

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PMP Facial Fillers

Our FDA-Approved Facial Fillers, aka Dermal Fillers are safe, non-surgical solutions to unwanted wrinkles on and around the face. They are also effective in treating acne scars. Our synthetic or naturally occurring substances are injected into the lines, folds, and tissues of the face to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and restore the facial fullness that decreases with age.

Our experienced Nurse Practitioners, Mya and Lena will discuss your desired outcomes and address questions and concerns prior to the procedure. 



To book a Facial Filler, just click above and select the Med Spa

PMP Massages

Reflexology is frequently toted as a wonderful treatment for a wide range of health problems. It is often mentioned alongside other alternative health practices like Reiki, acupuncture, and aromatherapy.

Experience the PMP massage from our Licensed Reflexologist, Paris

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Body Massage
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PMP Vitamin Therapy IV

Not everyone likes taking pills as their source of vitamins or minerals. One method people use to get their vitamin fix is intravenous (IV) vitamin drips.

"Anyone who wants to feel and look their best can benefit from an IV infusion," Dr. "The benefits are numerous: improved mental clarity, immune-boosting, defense against viruses and flu, body and mind fine-tuning, and even clearer, smoother skin (by supporting collagen production)."

To book your IV treatment, just click above and select Wellness

Who Are We

Dr. Rabahuddin Syed, MD

Medical Director

Dr Syed has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctors for dedication, achievements, and leadership in internal medicine

Your health, safety and positive outcomes are the most important parts of our business.  That's why All PMP treatments are supervised by a licensed Medical Doctor, specifically trained Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers





As Pamper Me Prissy's Medical Director, Dr. Syed's main priority is the health and safety of all our clients. He is committed to answering all of your questions and concerns prior to any treatment to ensure you get the best possible result. Though much of the medical aesthetic procedures performed at medical spas are noninvasive and considered low risk, Dr. Syed ensures all PMP treatments such as injectables, are held to the same standards as regular medical clinics and physician offices. 

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We use JUVÉDERM®, the #1 chosen dermal filler collection in the US* that offers 5 different and long-lasting fillers. Each one adds volume and is designed for different needs in different areas of the face including lips, cheeks, or chin depending on your unique needs. We have what you need to get the results you want.

Book a Dermal Filler appointment for any day in August and receive 50% off all additional Products or Services


Want to know if fillers are right for you?

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