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These extensions are 100% virgin human hair. You should treat your extensions as your own. Shampoo and conditoning should be done regularly to keep your extensions healthy and full of luster.


Our eyelashes come from minks. NO animal was harmed during the gathering process. Mink animals are brushed and loose and excessive hair is used to create eyelash extensions. With proper care eyelashes can be worn over 20x.


Can I Color This Hair?


Yes! This is 100% virgin human hair. Our hair has not been processed in anyway. However Be sure to keep color treated hair conditioned and hydrated.


How Many Bundles Do I Need?


For A full sew-in we recommend 3 bundles of our 100%  virgin human hair for lengths 14-22''! For lengths longer then 22'' we recommend 4 bundles. Each bundle weighs 3.5 ounces. 


What is your returns policy?

For health and safety reasons, there is no refund or exchanges on our 100% HUMAN HAIR. If item is defective email and contact us and we will be than happy to assit you. For apparel and merchandise we will accept exchanges within 3 days of your delivery.



How long does it last?

Your royal extensions will last a  very long time with proper care. You should treat virgin extensions  like your own natural hair. Using ONLY quality products. YES hair can be reinstalled and reused. Hair can last 1-2 years.



Maintence Instructions for ALL Textures

Co-wash at least once a week. DO not massage. apply conditioner  with wide tooth comb begining at the ends working your way up. Rinse Throughly and let AIR DRY.


Daily Maintenance?


Use minimal styling products to avoid build up. We recommend using a light amount of argan oil or morrocan oil .

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